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Steampunk Hands Around The World III. Marcus R. Gilman

I have been talking with Traveler, well know as the creator of EuroSteamCon, about Steampunk, EuroSteamCon and his recent visit to Barcelona (Spain). What did he said about us? Let’s read the entire interview right here, right now.
—First of all, here’s a quite introduction. Who is Traveler?     Traveler is me, I only use this alias on the blog now for historic reasons, you might say. Daily Steampunk started out as a blog to document my travels as a steampunk. Travelling is a hobby and major interest of mine. The person behind “Traveler” is just me, a regular family man with a day job and an interest in nerdy and weird stuff, one part is steampunk, and another is Cthulhu Mythos. I do not have anything like a steampunk persona, actually. My nom de plum, Marcus R. Gilman is actually a Cthulhu Mythos in-joke and “Gilman” is also much easier to pronounce than my actual family name “Rauchfuss”.
—Why is steampunk important to you? And why is the steampunk community important to you, too? Wh…