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Steampunk Hands Around The World VII. 50% completed

My German, writer, Cthulu mythos expert, Steampunk, traveler, Travelerd and friend Marcus R. Gilman (oh, my... he's a lot of things) wrote a review of what we achieved with Steampunk Hands now that the project is half way through: http://daily-steampunk.com/steampunk-blog/2014/02/16/steampunk-hands-around-the-world-half-way-2/

While I was reading, I was thinking that I feel the same as him about it and that my blog must do it, too. And, at the end of the post I saw this:

And as a friend of mine said:
Now i know, why it is “Steampunk Hands AROUND THE WORLD”: After 14 days, i had visitors from 23 countrys and four continents …
It happens to me, too. So, after reading that, I said: "I must see my statistics and write about it too."

Well, here is it:

The blog received 2.878 visits this month from1st. Spain. More than a thousand visits. Well, of course2nd. USA. More than 800 visits. It's glad to see that the new language of the blog (and my English lessons) are useful3rd. Germa…