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Art of Victorian Futurism in Seoul, South Korean

Hey, howdy?

Today, I want to share this post that came to me from James Ng.
Steampunk is still unknown in Asia. “If you take 1000 people off the streets right now in Hong Kong, you would be lucky to find one person that has heard of Steampunk, and I want to change it”, James said on Facebook.

It is good to see that they are finally getting some attention in the form of a big exhibition in South Korea opening this Saturday! This show is a very good opportunity to change a few

The museum is quite reputable, which means if it does well, other curators will take note and hopefully this will lead to more Steampunk shows in Asia. This could be the beginning of something big, the first step to change things; and the growth of the genre over there.

Even when we are not residing in Asia (or we can’t go there *snif*) I’m very interested on it and in the growth of Steampunk in Korea and Asia. Jame will be posting more photos and stuff regarding the show on James Ng Art and @JamesNgArt.

I wil…