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Interview with Joyce Chng & Jaymee Goh

—Hi, Jaymee and Joyce. Welcome to MundoSteampunk.Net and welcome to Spain. Joyce: Hello!
Jaymee: Hi from California!
—First of all, a few words about you. Who are you and why do you decided to create this anthology? Joyce: I am Joyce Chng. I write science fiction and fantasy. Also a fair bit of Young Adult.  I am Singaporean-Chinese. Why I decided to create this anthology? Because it is about time we see steampunk that speaks to us, that is relevant to us, and originates from the same region we are born in. 
Jaymee: Jaymee Goh, at your leisure. I am a fictioneer, poetess, and academic of science fiction and fantasy—I’m best known for my blog Silver Goggles, which explores steampunk from a postcolonial perspective. Since entering the steampunk sphere in 2009, I’ve been working towards pushing a vision of steampunk that isn’t tied to Victorian England, but rather explores histories and technologies from all over the world, and the consequences thereof. In 2010, I published my first steampunk…