Alice goes steampunk!

I received an interesting email yesterday night. The sender was Sergej Bremer in the name of the team of “Alice goes steampunk!”, from Riga, Latvia. Well, don’t worry. I don’t know him either. But I saw that they are working in an interesting crowdfunding campaign.
See what they said…

We are a team of young art studio "Steam Biscuit". We love steampunk, and we want to create pictures in this fab style. To realize our dreams, we have started crowdfunding campaign  “Alise goes steampunk”. In our  works famous Alice of Lewis Carroll enters the secret world of our imagination on steampunk theme.We need help! If you like, what we have created, you can support us on Indiegogo or help by sharing information about us - by sharing our Indigogo page or few words on your FB & social media about us.

Our page on Indigogo -

Link to artworks -
Youtube link -

Besides, if they achieve their goal, then part of money collected during the campaign will become a
foundation to create free painting courses for talented teenagers.

Like the page of the team on Facebook -
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